Coops Hoops

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I make bespoke hoops, designed to suit you and your style.  And, if you are new to hooping, my range of adult sized hoops are a great place to start:

Weighted adult hula hoops made by Exerhoops.  These are approximately 93cm (36″) diameter and 450gm weight.  Fantastic for beginner hoopers.  They come taped in white, blue, yellow, green or red vinyl tape that is attractive and hard wearing.  $40 each (excluding p&p).

Non-weighted adult hula hoops made by Coops Hoops.  Any size and any combination of two fantastic tapes from my current tape range.  $30 each (excluding p&p).

I also custom make hoops to any size, designed to suit you and your hoop journey.  Contact me to discuss your needs.

For orders within South Wairarapa, delivery is free.

Shop for your adult weighted Exerhoop here!

t: 0210 22 11 414